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Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

Tips for Staying Healthy at Home
Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

Sanitizing and cleaning our homes may be higher on our priority lists, but eating well and staying active is nothing new and should always be a big part of your mental and physical health, especially now. With gyms and fitness studios closed and the responsibility we all share in practicing social distancing, maintaining your routine can be difficult. 

Here are some tips to accomplish all of that at home, while relieving stress:

  1. Decide what your daily or weekly health and fitness goals are and break them down in realistic and achievable, fun exercises. Focus less on how you want to look and explore how you can stay positive and feel good about progress.
  2. Assess where you are now. Is it time to switch up your routine, eat new or healthier foods and meditate for 10 minutes a day? Could you benefit from more stretching, do you need more cardio? Write your goals down, check them off on a daily checklist and pick an accountability partner, whether virtually or at home.
  3. Create a schedule and reward yourself for following through.
  4. Remember to get clean afterwards! All our facial cleansers, shower gels, handwashes and shampoos can be used effectively for handwashing and to avoid spreading germs and bacteria. Please be assured that the surfactants in these formulas, when the handwashing is done as recommended, help to lift dirt, grease and microbes from the skin.

See this time as an opportunity to put your health first and share with your community. 

Here are some of our favorite free videos to get moving:


Image by Logan Nolin (Unsplash)