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What to Avoid When You’re Expecting

What to Avoid When You’re Expecting
Pregnancy can be a stressful time. You want to do everything you can to keep your baby safe. That means paying more attention to what you’re putting in and on your body and investing in clean, non-toxic personal care products that you can trust to look out for you and your family.

That’s why many women make the switch to natural beauty brands like Andalou when they become pregnant. At Andalou Naturals, we're proud of our ingredient standards and naturally good-for-you formulas that you don't ever have to question. Whether you’re looking for natural, pregnancy-safe skincare, hair care, or personal care products, you can trust Andalou Naturals to keep you and your baby safe during your pregnancy.

Here are a few products and ingredients that we definitely recommend switching out while you're expecting.


Retinol products

Retinol use has been connected to an increased risk of birth defects so experts recommend refraining from retinol use during pregnancy. Luckily, bakuchiol is a wonderful natural alternative to retinol that is clinically shown to deliver all the results of retinol without any of the side effects. It’s also gentle for sensitive skin during pregnancy as well. Try bakuchiol in any of our Age Defying Rejuvenating products.


Chemical sunscreens

Steer clear of chemical sunscreens containing ingredients like oxybenzone, octocrylene, octisalate, homosalate, and avobenzone, which can disrupt hormones. Instead, opt for mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to protect the skin.

Andalou offers a wide range of mineral SPF for a variety of skin needs. Try our Age Defying Perfecting Beauty Balm Natural Tint mineral SPF 30 for mature skin, our Brightening Vitamin C BB Beauty Balm Sheer Tint mineral SPF 30 for dull and hyperpigmented skin, our Clear Skin Argan Stem Cell BB Benefit Balm Un-Tinted mineral SPF 30 for oily and breakout-prone skin, our 1000 Roses™ Color + Correct mineral SPF 30 for more sensitive skin, or our CannaCell Sun Buddy Facial Lotion mineral SPF 30 for all skin types.


Potent acne treatments

High concentrations of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide found in over the counter skin care products should also be avoided according to experts due to possible risk to the fetus. Instead, use gentle skin care with natural skin-clearing ingredients like kombucha and willow bark extract to clear up hormonal acne common in pregnancy. Explore our natural Clear Skin range here.


Aluminum Chloride-based deodorants

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate is found in most antiperspirant deodorants and is also found on the FDA pregnancy category C list, meaning it’s best to avoid it and switch to natural deodorants to be safe.


Not only are Andalou products safe to use during pregnancy, but they can also help provide targeted relief for common skin conditions during pregnancy.

Dealing with melasma or dark spots? Our Brightening Range uses a vitamin C derivative, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, to promote a brighter complexion naturally.

Struggling with dry skin? Our Deep Hydration range uses vegan bio-designed collagen and plant-derived hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and elasticity to he skin.

Getting more breakouts than usual? Our Clear Skin range uses gentle ingredients like kombucha, willow bark, and lemon extract to target blemish-prone skin.


While Andalou products are generally safe to use while pregnant and nursing, should there be any question or concern for a specific ingredient or allergic condition, for your safety, we recommend consulting with your physician for a thorough evaluation.