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Winter Skin Care By Climate

Winter Skin Care By Climate


While winter can look different from region to region, the season can have harsh effects on the skin no matter where you are. When temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure change with the seasons, your skin changes, too.

But we know a one-size fits all approach to skin care isn’t effective and your atmospheric environment can have huge effects on your skin. Here’s a helpful guide to make it easy for you to pick the optimal winter skin care solutions based on what region in the U.S. you live in.


Northeast Climate:

If you live in the Northeast, chances are you’re in for some bitterly cold winters with extreme weather conditions. Colder winters bring higher chances of dry, irritated skin, so focus on hydrating, nourishing, and calming the skin’s reaction to the harsh elements with gentle cleansers, soothing toners, hydrating serums and facial oils, and nourishing day and night creams. If you’re in the North East, our Deep Hydration range, which boosts moisture retention with Hyaluronic Acid and Vegan Collagen, and our Sensitive 1000 Roses range, which helps sooth and support the skin barrier with Alpine Rose Stem Cells, Damask Rose, and Pomegranate Oil, will be your best friends this winter.


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Midwest Climate

The cold, snowy winters of the Midwest can leave your skin dehydrated and undernourished, so Midwesterners should make sure to layer up to replenish and seal in moisture this winter. Nourishing toners, serums, facial oils, masks, and creams are your go-to products to retain moisture in your skin and avoid irritation and sensitivity. Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vegan Collagen to support the skin’s moisture retention abilities, Resveratrol, Bakuchiol, and Coenzyme Q10 to rejuvenate and revive, and CannaCell Hemp Stem Cells to improve the skin’s natural defense for a healthy, restored, and glowing complexion.


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Southeast Climate:

The warmer winters of the Southeast still require adjustment of your skincare routine to fit the season change. Continue to cleanse the skin with gentle gel and foaming cleansers and use scrubs and masks at least twice a week to promote cellular turnover. Your skin may get drier with reduced humidity, so try adding in thicker and more hydrating creams to your nighttime routine. And don’t forget your SPF—since this region is closer to the equator, it’s particularly important to protect against sun damage and free radicals. Yes, even in the winter months. Our favorite ingredients for this region include Hemp Stem Cells to nourish and improve the skin’s natural defense, Kombucha to balance the skin and help promote healthy skin flora, and Vitamin C for extra antioxidants.


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West Coast Climate

Winters are often more mild on the West Coast, with cool and wet climates. This can be the perfect time to restore the skin from summer sun damage and provide ongoing skin protection from free radicals and blue light. Target dull skin and remove dead skin cells through weekly exfoliation with Glycolic Acid, support youthful and rejuvenated skin with Bakuchiol, and protect and restore the skin from UV ray and blue light damage with Ectoin and Vitamin C. For extra hydration, attract moisture from the air to your skin with water molecule-binding Hyaluronic Acid.


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Mountain Ranges:

The high altitudes, low temperatures, dry air, and strong winds of mountain ranges can do a number on your skin in the winter. These areas tend to be dryer and less humid, so you may find your skin dryer as a result. Look for soothing and nourishing toners, serums, facial oils, and rich moisturizers formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Vegan Collagen, Aloe Vera, Alpine Rose Stem Cells, and Damask Rose to rehydrate, calm redness and irritation, and trap in moisture, and don’t forget your sunscreen while you’re up on the mountain!


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Whether you are on the East or West Coast, we got you covered with skincare to match your location. Check out our full Winter Shop for everything your skin needs to survive this winter.