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Everything Your Teen Needs to Know to Start a Clear Skin Care Routine

Everything Your Teen Needs to Know to Start a Clear Skin Care Routine

The teenage years can be rough, and with hormones surging, breakouts and acne are often high on a teen’s list of problems. Breakouts can be distressing in these years and can affect a teenager’s confidence significantly.


Luckily, the implementation of an effective skin care routine can be key in controlling oil and keeping breakouts at bay. Plus, getting into the habit of taking care of your skin while your young will set you up for good skin care habits for the rest of your life.


So, guide your teen away from the toothpaste hacks and towards an easy 5-step skin care routine that will both control breakouts now and set them up for great skin for the rest of their lives. They’ll thank you later.


  1. Cleanse

Teach your teen about the importance of cleansing your skin every morning and night so that dirt and bacteria don’t sit on the skin. Our Clear Skin Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel clarifies and detoxifies with kombucha probiotics that kill acne-causing bacteria.


  1. Tone

A toner can be a great follow-up to a cleanser to soothe and balance the skin. The Clear Skin Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner purifies oily pores with salicylic acid and willow bark and soothes inflammation with aloe vera and argan stem cells.


  1. Treat

Go in with a spot treatment on any active breakouts you want to target. The Clear Skin Blemish Vanishing Gel contains maximum strength salicylic acid to treat pesky pimples fast while a calming blend of lavender, chamomile, camphor, witch hazel, and willow herb soothes inflammation.


  1. Moisturize

It’s important to moisturize, even when you have oily skin. Moisturizing helps support the skin’s barrier function so that it doesn’t have to produce extra oil of its own. An oil-free moisturizer like the Clear Skin Acai + Kombucha Oil-Free Moisturizer won’t clog pores and contains ingredients like kombucha probiotics, aloe vera, and willow bark to soothe unhappy skin.


  1. Protect

SPF is an essential step in your skin care routine at any age to protect your skin from the sun. When you’re dealing with breakouts in particular, SPF is necessary to protect against acne scarring. Our Clear Skin Argan Stem Cell BB Benefit Balm not only contains sheer SPF 30 protection but also helps keep the skin shine-free.


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