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5 Meditation Styles for Beginners

5 Meditation Styles for Beginners

New to meditation? We're here to help guide you in navigating this healing practice and finding the style that best works for you and your lifestyle.

What is meditation and how is it beneficial?

Meditation is a practice of focusing one’s mind for a period of time to achieve a calm, stable state of being. It offers an array of benefits ranging from stress reduction and increased wellbeing to improved focus and self-awareness — and so many more! As meditation has grown in popularity, numerous scientific studies have validated the benefits.

Whether you prefer sticking to one form of meditation or you enjoy changing it up, it's important to remember that one style isn't better than another — they're all different, unique approaches. We recommend starting to meditate for 5 minutes per day, then slowly increasing time with repetition as you get more comfortable. Try different meditation styles to find what works best for you.

If you want to cultivate a meditation practice but don't know exactly where to start... here are five of our favorites to try for a healthier, happier you: 

1. Mindfulness Meditation — Mindfulness meditation is a mental practice that involves being fully present with your thoughts and emotions. The goal is to observe without judgement or reactivity. This practice helps you to be self-aware and it can be done just about anywhere! If you have a long commute or chores to tackle, this can be a really beneficial style for you.

2. Guided Meditation — Guided meditations can be experienced either in a group setting, using a free meditation app, such as Insight Timer, or with the help of a trained teacher/professional. There are various types of guided meditations offered, ranging from sleep help, to muscle relaxation and more! This is a nice style if you prefer to be guided, which can help you ease into a regular practice.

3. Movement Meditation — Moving meditation can include any gentle form of movement, such as yoga, walking in nature, or qigong. Going on a solo nature hike is a lovely way to stay centered and focus on the beautiful sounds of nature. This is a meditative way to process thoughts and emotions by tuning into the present moment. We recommend this style for those who love movement and nature.

4. Mantra Meditation — Mantra meditation is an ancient ritual practice and it involves the use of repetitive words, sounds, or phrases to help clear the mind. Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra periodically offer a free 21-day meditation experience on their mobile app that includes a guided meditation and mantras to silently chant through repetition. This is a super helpful practice if you like to focus on something in addition to your thoughts.

5. Breath Awareness Meditation — Breath awareness is a type of meditation that involves focusing on slow, deep breathing rather than the thoughts entering your mind. Diaphragmatic breathing is commonly practiced laying down and involves focus on the expansion of your belly, rather than your chest. This is a beneficial type of meditation for those who have an overactive mind and would like to lessen nervous, anxious feelings to induce a sense of calmness to your mind.

Meditation for Beginners